Tuesday, June 10, 2008

cousins, cousins, we got lots of cousins

Cousin Ken with my momma..they were both so "pretty in pink"...sorry Ken, you can definitely pull off the hot pink!

Grillmaster Scott T...is that spittle on my burger?? hmmm...thanks for the delish meal!

Dawn with Taylor

Molly and I, Jen and Evie, Beck and Nora, Dawn and Taylor (which sounds funny to me to say this, since her maiden name was Taylor)

Great Gma Christine Taylor would be so proud of all of these great grandkiddies...though after a minute or two, she would have been all bojiggity with all the commotion....ahhh. the only other great g-kiddies missing here are my brother, Andy's three kids!

almost got them in birth order, if I'd been thinking about it, we would've switched Molly and Evie. O well. here we go...Molly (7/9/07), Evelyn (5/6/07), Taylor (8/12/07), and Nora (8/26/07). Definitely was the year of the girl for our family.

Molly's Grandpa siesta.....awww!!

These women are NOT our cousins...they were chatting with Molly at breakfast that day...that evening, when we got back from our family visits and such, they were sitting right outside of our room (a fluke for sure), slightly drunk I do believe, but still so nice. They saw David and were asking him about Molly...so when I walked by, they were cooing over her, asking if they could hold her (I did let them and only left for a sec to run into my room to get my cam.) They were an interesting bunch because they've been BFF's for 40 years. (looking back at my blog, I just realized how much this picture does NOT fit on this post...so sorry for the inconsistency...I had forgotten what pix were on here, it was taking so long....my bad)

Ian, Jenna, and Jon....my only cousins on my father's side!! Jenna is definitelya rose between two thorns. just kiddin' boys...you are pretty swell as well!

I caught Ian smelling this rose, ever so delicately, so he had to make up for his sensitive moment...see below...

grrrrr. must eat flower....he is one funny dude!!

Will and Mel with Aunt Nan (dad's sister) and Ian, her son!!

Here are some more pix from our weekend adventure...even though my mom was only one of two kids and my dad was only one of three...each side had 7 grandkids...of course, my sibs and I made up four of each on either side...whoa. Dad's sister, Nancy, had one daughter and two sons...and my mom's brother, Bucky, had two sons and one daughter as well...Aren't you glad to know all of this? I know your day is complete now. Glad I could help out with that.

Although our visit was quick and busy, we had a nice time with each side...always so thankful to be able to get together with our Michigan families...thanks to Scott and Jen for a nice evening with dinner at their homestead...it was so cool to have all of our kids together...I have pix of that for another post...some that I just couldn't get on this one for today, since it was taking such a long time to upload...Lanie, I haven't forgotten you!!

There is more that I could say, blab about or whatever, but Molly is getting into everything so off I go....stay tuned though, for I have more pix...it has taken me alllllllllll of this day, Wed. to get these pix up...I am crying for some high speed!! waa waa. ok, I'm done.

Hope you all are having a most blessed week! Until next time...LY

sorry for the blah blah post...I can blab with the best of 'em. and since it's my blog, das ok.


velvet said...

yea for fun fam time! LOVE the pix of darling molly sleeping :) she should be in commercials, she is so cute!!

Tory said...

There sure a lot of cousins...kind of looks like my dad's side of the family. My, my, it is great to see the pictures...since, it's been it's been a long, long time since I have seen any of ya'll Greenhills...you were still living in MI (maybe 1990); so, I know it was awhile. I did meet Jane...and, we stayed with Aunt Chris when Tommy was staying with her...mom says it was for Great G'ma B's birthday party (1993 or 1994)...but, I don't recall you guys making it in. If you did, I am sorry for not remembering. Anyway, just wanted to say that I love the pics...and, I am thankful yet sad at the same time that you had minimal damage...Will be praying for you, Tory

Sherry at the Zoo said...

What fun pictures! It's a shame it takes a funeral for everyone to get together, but that's the way it goes!

Molly, as always, is PRECIOUS!

I love the pictures you took of all the babies.

Love the picture of Piper and Levi on your sidebar by the way!