Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This one's for you, Cousins Linda & Tory!

Aunt Betty: "Be sweet, fight nice"

Major family memory flooding back right now...Dorothy Boers, my Gram T, Aunt Betty, and Dorothy Hewson...

I was digging through pictures tonight to find pix of Mimi...and stumbled onto these pix. Aunty Betty was such a cool lady! She was my Grandpa Taylor's half sister (right??) and when we lost her, we lost a truly rare gem! She had an infectious laugh...o was she the life of the party! Miss this lady...something fierce.

And oh, how I wished I was more of a picture taker as a saddens me that there just aren't that many pix in my possession! if only I knew then what I did now...

Linda and Tory, hope you enjoy these pix of your mom/gram...we loved her so much!

Good night! God bless you this evening!


Tory said...

Wow...that is so amazing...we live hundreds of miles apart for all of our lives, yet we have similary memories of Betty Brown Ladensack. I can hear her saying fight nice right now...especially, as she was falling fully dressed into the Taylor pool with a full glass of diet pepsi being held up like the statue of liberty. Do you remember that? Do you happen to remember who was brave enough to have pushed her in? I was so young, I don't recall that, but I do remember her falling in. That's one of those classice moments. She sure did love both the pool and family. Yes, she and Uncle Lee were half-siblings...Lee and Dora were full-siblings and Betty and Cecil were full-siblings...but, of course, Gramma Betty never was just family...she didn't worry about blood ties or anything like that. I think I was a teenager before I knew that G'ma Brown wasn't my blood Great G'ma. But, again, that never changed the way I felt about her. Thank you for sharing the pictures...those are some that I know I have never seen. Sorry to hear about the loss of your Aunt. It sounds like you were close and had wonderful memories. Luv ya', T

Anonymous said...

Tory was sitting across the room tears flowing down her cheeks when I asked her what she was doing and she was reading your blog - she misses her grandma a lot and I miss my Mom - it will be 18 years this coming October - and I miss her every day - so appreciate your Mother while you have her - like I know you do! Mom was your grandpa Taylor's half sister - they were really close - they had the same mother and different fathers - Grandpa Brown was her dad and Mr. Taylor was Uncle Lee's (Grandpa to you) and Marian Elizabeth (Birdie) Hayes Taylor Brown was their mother who died in the mid 30's.
I am glad that you loved my Mom, too - I know your Mom was close to her, also. Hope that all went well for you on your trip back in time. Love, Linda

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Hey there,

I hope you all returned safely after saying Good-bye to your great-aunt(?).

Hugs to all.