Friday, June 20, 2008

More Friday fun

longing to be out in the pool with her siblings...she was screaming and squealing at them, drooling all over the windows that had just been cleaned. I give up. Between her and Levi, my windows won't be clean till they all leave. And we don't want that so dirty windows it is.

love the tippy toes!

Molly Moo was here! she's a mini-tornado!

Nora and Piper haven't been on here in a long here's a hats off to my two little nieces. I scrapped their recent pictures and put them on my wall! love you girls! your pictures are a-dorable! The bottom left pic is one of my all time faves of Miss P, her face is sheer peskiness yet so grown up!
Well, I guess that's a matter of opinion (Friday fun), but in my opinion, these things are fun.

In fact, my favorite thing right now is letting Molly pull off, rather gleefully, all of the toilet paper from the roll. It's hard to tell her no because she looks so cute when she is in the midst of the unroll. And she looks so forlorn when you yank her away from her activity.

Solution? keep the bathroom door closed and just let her dismantle the rest of the house. it's all good.

I was just sitting here and realized I had totally forgotten to do my 12 on the 12th as always. And there's no salvaging it this month because it's the 20th! Yikes! Can you believe it's nearing the end of June and that it's the first day of summer? where is the time going? I will have to take my pic of 12 fave fotos from this month in my 12/12 album!

The kids are out swimming (so spoiled) and I'm listening to Mozart with Molly! we are building brain cells...I'm hoping to gain some that never developed. I just "caught" her sitting by the CD player "singing"'s so precious to see her learn and to watch her catch things. Soak it up, soak it up!

This weekend sounds like it will be pretty low key...I think David and the boys are working tomorrow. Beck and her girls are going to come down to swim and get some sun. Then of course it's Saturday night Bible study, family fellowship at Patria! Sunday, so far off in the future, dunno what will happen that day besides morning worship! so, until then...have a relaxing weekend and get out there and enjoy this milder than usual summer weather!
Word to your mother and good bye! LY


Tory said...

All I can say is that those kids of yours and Beck's are just too cute...I bet you will have many photo ops tomorrow. Hope there is plenty of sunshine, fun and wonderful memories.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pics of Molly! I love the tippy toes and the chubbalicious thighs! !!SO CUTE!!! Of course, i love the pics of my girls too :) Thanks for putting that on here! I love that pic that you made. You are so crafty, i'm envious. Maybe if you weren't so involved in your crafts, your daughter wouldn't be playing with the toilet paper. That's pretty cute! I want to just squeeze her! Can't wait to see you tomorry! till then! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Molly is toooooo cute! All of your kids are lookers! :) Excellante job on the frame of Piper and Nora. It's true that you are talented, and you inspire me to "make more things". Hope you enjoy your visit with Becky and the girls tomorrow. She's been missing her sissy! Take care!
-Mel Cunniff

Anonymous said...

I thought you and Becky lived close to each other???
Hope that you both have fun today and that you 'make fun' of your crazy cousins in North Carolina stalking you!
We do not have anything particular planned today - but between the rain we are finally getting (I know - that you have had WAY TOO much)and all the little things that need to be done around a house just to keep it neat and thriving ----we always are 'busy' - oh, and, David is trying to teach a 12 year old boy how to swim on Saturday afternoons - so Tory and I have to be out of the pool for that (nap time!!!) Even though we are close to the ocean - most people in this area cannot or will not swim - none of our neighbors, who we really like, swim or even want to come over just to cool off- it was so different than that up North - everyone swam and went to the lakes????? Down here everyone is deathly afraid of the water! The only friends we can get to enjoy the pool with us - are transplanted northerners.
Is the water too cold for Mollie or did she eventually get to go in?
Tell your Mom Hi for me. Have a nice weekend! Love, Linda

Sherry at the Zoo said...

So cute! YOur family breeds cuteness, doesn't it?

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

y'all are too too kind!

a few words to each:

Tory: thanks, as are too kind. :) we'll be sure to share the memories!

B: you are right..I need to pay better attention to my baby...lookin' forward to B time!

Mel: you are too kind and gracious as well! you know that it is all of your creations that inspire ME! hope you all are doing wonderfully!

Linda: I will email you...B. and I do live close but with her busy schedule working and maintaining her life, and then you know mine, we just don't get to spend the time together that we want to! we love our crazy cousins in NC! You guys rock!!! you aren't stalking anymore than anyone in the rest of the family!

Sherry: there is a cuteness gene in the family pool, but it missed me. glad I was able to pass it on to my kids though! :)

Stickers said...

I love the toilet paper pic. If you could afford to go through a couple extra rolls a day it would be a great babysitter and it's a very easy mess to clean up! Smooch