Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What's up?

Here are a few pix from our June 9th Science, where we (Sherry) taught the kids about gravity and stuff like that...look at this slew of kids smearing up Donna's picture perfect Better Homes & Garden Living room!! it was quite hot this day!!

Are those barefeet? yes, they are...just think old days...Little House on the Prairie

Levi and Drew watched some Elmo while we did experiments...aren't they cute with the Elmos?

Here are our kids, eagerly awaiting Mrs. Robbins bravery on the rooftop...the lengths some people will go to, to teach their kids!

She's pretty, even up high!!

Watching paper and a paper clip or something like that, see which goes faster, why and all that good stuff. Hope my kids were paying attention...i was trying to take pix and make sure Molly was taking her nap!

Good Morning...hasn't this weather been absolutely fabulous? I'm a 70 degree kinda girl!!

I've been a staining the midst of staining our two new porches (decks)...we realized how neglected our lower deck had I got it all bleached, scrubbed down and ready to accept some lovely new cinnamon colored stain...and I must say, it almost makes me want to sit down there again! I feel bad for the used to be a big deal to us. But it's right down near the wooded area, so it's always mosquitoey and unbreezy in the swamp days...and when it gets hot hot hot, it's really hard to want to go out there...but the new stain looks really nifty! almost back to it's glory days (short-lived though they were, those glory days, I mean the deck isn't even 7 years old yet). I will get some pix of that today, for I know you are anxious to see my progress...(staining is actually hard work...I'm old...and I realize just how old because I was worn out last night...creaking and achy from being down on my knees and tukus all day)

That's what has been up with us, and the kids have been doing what kids do best..."When are we gonna eat, what are we gonna eat, he hit me, she's leaving her stuff in our room, can we go to the library, can we go see Grandma...blah blah blah!" David has been working long days so we look forward to some down time with him. When something exciting happens, you will be the first to know. :) :) it's so weird that at this time last year, I was eagerly, anxiously anticipating Molly's arrival...and I still only had four kids at this point! Now that chicklet has us on a carousel of fun...make sure the gate is closed, what does she have in her mouth, ooops she's unrolling all of the toilet paper AGAIN, and on we go! Never, ever a dull moment around here.

I've been trying to upload some of our science pix all morning all ready, and blogger just won't cooperate with me! so this may be outdated by the time it actually posts. darnit.

Ok, gotta go stain some more before it gets too muggy! hope you are having a great day!


Natalie said...

I agree about the weather! It's been gorgeous out. Me, Emilie and Amy went and played tennis Monday evening and it was cool and breezy. Just lovely.

That lady should get down from the roof! It's creepin' me out!!

Posted again. :)

Tory said...

Wanted to be the first to comment, since I was the one harassing you and keeping you from posting. Smile! So, you are working on staining the deck...that's what I need to be are you doing it? Friends of mine use a "bug sprayer"...but, I know, most people use a brush/roller. Am trying to figure out the easiest technique to get it done before the heat of the day. Anyway, mommy, what are we doing today? hahaha...Talk later, ladybug!

Anonymous said...

Yea, Science Club! I wanna go! Hopefully oneday, the kids will all look back and realize how fortunate they are to be able to learn in their bare feet and not in some stiff uniform! Lucky kids! And, i must say, you, Mrs. Weir and Mrs. Robbins are a lot better looking than my science teachers...Mr. Covalt, Mr. M. know..Miss you guys! Can't wait to see the decks! B

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

Natalie, get out there and enjoy this mild weather! the rooftop deal wasn't really as scary as it appeared.
Tory, love chatting with you! can't believe we didn't know each other better as younglings but having fun making up for lost time! u make me laff! a lot!
B, you always validate me! I love you for that! whatchu talkin' 'bout, Becky? Mr. Covalt was delicious. ewww. didn't he wear the really tight polyester pants and v-neck sweaters with chest hair sticking out? cheeseball! I can't WAIT for you to come swim and see our decks (that sounded weird when I read it aloud)...lovin' you, missin' you, all of you! LY

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Can't wait to see your deck! We love the treehouse - and you guys too of course! LOL!