Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wonderful weekend wanderings

Good Sunday evening to YOU!

Molly was digging her first coherent fireworks show! she has no real fear of loud noises, as her big bro Levi (see below)...funny to me!

Notice Alisha, dead center, covering Levi's ears for him...thanks for babying him, the good mothering skills we see going on with this group!

this was a cute scene...I "caught" Hannah having a little photo op with was most precious! Hannah and Alisha are awesome with our yiddle ones.

I took a little walk on Sunday afternoon and this is the view of our house from the elementary school across the street...we have lots of trees, don't we??

This one's for you, Piper! Will loves to get dressed up in his gorilla costume...and he did this tonight to scare the dickens out of Levi. We have figured out what we are going to get Piper for her 4th b-day, coming up at the end of July...a framed, autographed pic of this guy, her BFF. or not!

Levi looks like a safety pup, doesn't he? I mean, here in Deliverance, we learn to ride our bikes with no shoes! (more pix of that to some gooooooood shots of our nearby fright)

Ahhh, a nice, quiet Sunday evening to catch up from a crazy weekend! Down below me, in the lower level, I hear kids being uncooperative as they read thru their General Science together! Sometimes I feel for Melanie, as her brothers can be most unmerciful toward her...She is reading to them, and E. is singing an obnoxious song, and both big boys are digging through they "listen". hmmm. time to step in....I'll be back!

Just caught Molly destroying yet another I got some much needed video of her shenanigans...wish I knew how to put some video on here...someday! Got some good video of her bathing with Levi as well...then she fell so it stopped abruptly! ahhh, the memories.

Hope you enjoy the pix...hope, also, that you are doing well, feeling groovy and all geared up for a fun Fourth of July at week's end!! July is almost here!

I had more pix to post but this thing is taking forever so I'll post again Mon. or Tues!

See ya later! Love and peace to you!


Tory said...

Like I've said before...never a dull moment! And, I am so thankful that you take the time out to share it with us. Just's cheaper than therapy! hahahaha...Thank you for the pics. I bet if you ever get Levi's hearing tested that he hears more than the average can always get him those "earmuffs" that they use at shooting ranges. ;) Hugs, T

Brittany said...

Levi and Brookelyn would be great friends! I have a picture of her from last year's fireworks. Earplugs, one of those headband ear muff thingies on and still plugging them. She couldn't tolerate it and went to the van. sheesh!

Is he afraid of public toilet flushes too?

Hannah-Indiana said...

We all had fun!! Wish I coulda been smiling at least in the pic of me. I look bored. And getting to hold Molly is NOT boring in the least!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics!!! Looks like you had a fun weekend. I like the pic of Levi with the helmet and no shoes...can't wait for more fireworks to come throughout the rest of the summer! Miss you guys! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot to show P the pic of willson in the gorilla suit! I'll have to show her tonight. She'll die...

Sherry at the Zoo said...

That's how we do Science in our house too! LOL!

I love the pics of your house hidden below the hill. It truly is a house with character!

Fireworks were great! Your picture of Stickers and her little man are frameable you know....