Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend visit with Santa Clause

Hangin' with Santy
cute baby girl, scary close up of mom, yikes.
enjoying the coloring pages and cookies at the Bricklayer's Union Kids Christmas shindig
Levi and his dad...cute guys!
Hello to you!! How are you on this bleak late fall day?? These are the pix from our trip to the Bricklayers Local #4 visit with Santa...we go every year. It's neat because each of the kids get a gift and they are usually pretty decent. This year, Will was too old (man that makes me feel old) to get a gift, E. got a basketball and unfortunately it was his last year to get to join in on the fun. Mel got a bead/charm bracelet kit. Levi got a weird thing...a monster stuffed toy that you can draw on, and the markers that came with it are scented with stink...on purpose. It was one of the weirder gifts. Molly got a playskool spin around thingy...kinda cute, she tried to eat the paper. Yes folks, she is really starting to grab for things and puts everything in her sweet little mouth. She has also learned how to's cute but not during the church service. She is a busy body!
Ya know what I can't get over? In two short weeks, it will be Christmas eve...I just can't get over this. My brother and two of his kids (Duncan and Charlie) will be flying in that day. We will be heading over to David's side of the familio that day as well. I guess I'd better get busy..I have LOTS to do!! I hope this finds you and yours healthy and keeping your heads above the water (which is life)that is slowly rising...gotta go order some pix for my calendars that I am making! that need to be done in less than two weeks. ahhhhhhhh!


Da Vinci said...

aww the santa visit looks awesome, cute post. If you enjoy a good read check my blog out,

Smooches, Kara said...

HAHA!! You need to tell Levi to quit spiking the eggnog!! His face is hilarious! Love it!