Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Melanie's Piano Teacher's party...

Melanie is in the back row...short brown hair. Her friend Audrey is to her (Mel's) left
The fabulous creations....mmm mmm
Said piano teacher (well, not really but see below)
I think Mel said this was her little gingerbread house...what fun!!
Let's start this off right...we had sooooooooo many holiday events this past weekend. As I sit here, Christmas evening, I'm so unbelievably relieved that it is all finished!! Not that we don't love and appreciate each moment but it is exhausting for a mom (can I get an amen, fellow mommas???) This past Friday, Melanie's piano teacher, Mrs. S., hosted a nice gathering of some of her younger students, where they got to make gingerbread houses of their very own, enjoy a tea party, play with her ever-so-cool dollhouse in a shelf, and just enjoy some Christmas cheer! The dollhouse in a shelf was really, really nifty! She made it when she was younger but you would almost have to see it to see how cool it was. She stenciled "rugs" onto the "floors" (shelves) and made furniture, had some antique pieces and some dolls with some missing appendages...even a mini-piano and a one-armed piano playing prodigy, a good encouragement for all of her students to be thankful for both of their arms and to NOT make excuses for not practicing. Melanie had a great time and we thank you, Mrs. S. for putting on such a nice party to kick-off the holiday weekend.
I am off to bed...I had four hours of sleep last night and it's hitting me...so I will blog on our Illinois visit tomorrow as well as our get together with my side of the family today...but for now...Good night and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours. God Bless you!!

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