Monday, December 17, 2007

Yet another walk down memory lane...

one can see where my daughter gets her open-mouthed grin...hmmmm.
A younger days the big 80's hair!!
I'm the little chicklet in the blue Little House on the Prairie outfit circa 1976
You are probably wondering why I'm walking down memory lane again...tomorrow, December 18, 2007, I am turning 35. Can you believe that? I just can't believe that I am that OLLLLLLLLLD!! now, I know it's really not that old but I can remember being 16 or so and thinking people that were 23 were gettin' up there...but 35?? c'mon. I just can't grasp that! I still feel and act as if I'm 16.
all right then...the top pic is obviously from the summer of '73. I love that Molly makes this same face...but then again, I think most babies do. her face is much rounder than mine was..I guess I've always had the long, angular face. Pic #2 is a little smattering of family photos...I think you can tell who I am...In the older pix, I'm the one with the big, straight up hair or short bob-ish hair...Becky never liked to have her hair too short and she is the same to this day. The bottom pic is a classic. I don't have many pix of myself with my dad's dad. We got to ride in his Model A (is this correct, Dad?) car in the Bicentennial parade of 1976 (duh) and weren't we just so cute waving our little flags. Grandpa Gaines was so cool...he passed away when I was 9 so I don't have many memories of him but he was so handsome. I will have to post some pix of him on here...whatta looker.
Anyways, think of me on Tuesday, I'm sure my back will start hurting (more than it already does), my hair will turn just a bit more gray, and my eyesight will finally fuzz up. Pray for this ol' gal.
I will try to post on here later on...I've got SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to do to get ready for Christmas, which is, ya know, about a week from now...ahhhhhhh.


Heather said...

Eh, 35 isn't even NEAR old! When you hit 90, THEN we'll bring out the over-the-hill barbs. I can't believe how much Molly looks like you, too, after seeing that picture! Oh, you were a super-cute little pumpkin, too! I won't baby talk to you or smootch all over your cheeks, though...that might be seen as weird.
Happiest of days to you, though! You're one smokin' YOUNG momma! (haha...I didn't realize the pun in that until after I wrote it!)

BFFX4 said...

You share your birthday with my Grandma. She would have been 115 today (or something like that!) Now, that's old! You, my dear, are a spring chicken! And cheer up, life just gets better with age, dearie.

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear sister and BEST FRIEND EVER! I don't have anything witty to say! JUST HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY and i can't wait to see you tonight!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Old Gal! ha! I always forget I'm older than you are by a couple of months. You're looking fine and you've got a beautiful fam! 35 years have been good to you!