Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A bit more of the album...

I love my hair this got worse too.
Don't our boys look kinda evil?? Ethan was pert near!!
The caption below pic says I have his hands pinned down.
He was a real pistol! and still is to this day! love you E

this is what I mean by hair getting worse...frumpalicious!!
My 3 little dang cute!! Frumpaliciousness continues...even with a perm.
This year wasn't so bad but I wore this red sweater a lot.

Here are some more pages from my loving album. I know the suspense was killing you but if you have known me for any length of time, you probably received these pix each year. We are still trying to coordinate a time to take this year's picture...I'm thinking this weekend will have to do. then I take it to Sam's and they will have them done in record time. I hope to have my cards out by Christmas...
ok, gonna do another post...I think I will be able to finish this album if I do one more post...but I need to make my bread first. be back...

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