Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Brownie batter and good times, good times!

Christmas carols playing cheerily throughout the lower level, sounds of glee and good times from the upper level and occasionally throughout the downstairs when Levi and Piper chase each other (STOP THAT SCREAMING...you are ruining my mood)...and brownie batter...does it really get any better than that, after a serving of Creamy Crockpot Chicken (affectionately referred to as triple C now and then)...?? I will come and put anyone's lights on their tree for that!
Beck, I had a great time putting the 11 strands of lights on the tree...and when I come back to put on #12, we will get our pic taken in front of it. I will help u with the ribbon and ornies too if you want. just let me know. I really just wanted to get this pic of Scott with the batter and you with the batter...because they are quite funny. Time to go clean up the living room and take care of my frantic baby girl!! love and peace to you all. Merry Christmas!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Take that...and do something about it...make sure to say it loud and proud. They can't take Christ out of my Christmas. (sorry, Beck got my hackles up with an email this morning, wish I knew how to post that here...it's good and it's about how a lot of stores and such won't let their employees say "Merry Christmas"). We are going to refer to it as ChristX instead of X-Mas. (yes, I know in the Greek, X is Christ's symbol but I know that is not what most Americans mean when they refer to it as that) I guess it was just a matter of time till the "establishment" got to our Christmas. Christ has been out of the public forum for a long time now, thanks to Madelyn Murray O'Hare! ok, done preaching. for now!

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Heather said...

Ok, all this talk about Creamy Crock Pot Chicken...What do I have to do to get that recipe? It's like the "it" thing...I GOTTA have it!
Great pictures, as always - you guys are too zany! I love it!