Friday, December 7, 2007

these are seriously out of order..but meet Phil...hubby of my beautician queen, Michelle (see below) He is one of the nicest dudes you will meet...looks can be deceiving for sure!
Piper's First Christmas Program Performance...kinda like playing Where's Waldo..but she is somewhere in the front! if you can find her, I will give you a sticker. :) look at all those crazy parents...rudey dudey's

Levi and Mollster sniffing salsa fragrances wafting from Donna's kitchen
Wednesday's snow...we got more today! I'm over it.
Lovely Michelle (wife of Phil...guy in first pic) working her magic...or at least trying to...she rocks!! ROCKS I TELL YA! she does the best she can on this peanut head.
Becky being beautified! as if SHE needs any help!
Phil as the Heisman trophy...Nora being the of the perks of being laid back...people do crazy things with you and to you!! she's a good "sport"...haa haa
Phil and Michelle have such a cute house...we get our hair rinsed in her cool sink, just like the ol' days...this is beck gettin rinsed...thought it was a funny pic as she struggled with soap and water in her eyes. I'm still a mean ol' big sister. Dontcha love Michelle's hair? I'll call her POSH Spice!
Ok, so this is a really, really rambly post and I apologize!! I have not been able to post for the past few days, either due to my Kodak software not cooperating or the Google blogger not allowing me to upload pix...sooooooooooo, sorry!
These pix are all out of order as well. I need to learn how to upload them the right way..but I had so many I wanted to post. Beck and I got our hair done with our good friend, Michelle. We used to go to church with her...and I have a really funny ol' pic of her giving me a perm in our townhouse back in 1992...I will have to dig that out! it's classic. Well, she is an instructor at a local beauty college and gets done at 10 p.m. hence, we don't get started till well after makes for a late night but it's always fun, esp. when her hubby gets home...he is a hoot! looks intimidating but the exact opposite actually! Big teddy bear!
Salsa...I am hoping Santa will bring me a food processor for CHRISTmas so I can learn to make this salsa. Jill tackled it yesterday and Donna and I got to watch, learn, and chop with her! It was so fun..thanks is soooooooooo good!!
We went to Pipes' first little Christmas ditty last was cute (what I saw of it anyway)...parents of other kids really crack me up...standing up in the aisles, paying no regard for the folks behind them...I gave up and saw her for a second up there but it was mayhem in my section. Parents, please be thoughtful!! Your fathers were not glassblowers!
On another note, it was quite funny (as it always is to Beck and I) to watch people check me out and say HI, only to be ignored because they think I'm Beck and I don't answer to her name (but I do when my mom calls me Beck)...It amazes us the way peeps think we look alike, or ask us if we are twins! hee hee. Someone told us that as we've gotten older, we've begun to look more alike...not so much as kids. I guess that is very true.
I have a lot of stuff to do today, as Beck, Mom and I are goin CHRISTmas shopping I'd better get productive! Hope you all have a lovely, snowy Friday and a very productive one at that!


Heather said...

I've done that before, almost called you Becky when I saw you at Super Target once, and you had never even met me at that point. Boy, you woulda' thought I was OFF MY ROCKERS then, huh? Well, you do now, right...? ; )

Heather said...

And, P.S...what do you mean when you said "Your fathers weren't glassblowers"? (about the rude parents at Piper's program)
And is she standing next to a little boy w/ a sweater vest on? You can't see her dress - some rude parents is blocking her out?

BFFX4 said...

Hey, I'm with Heather (whom I've never met, I don't think....) What dos it mean "Your fathers weren't glass blowers"?

Cute pictures!

Smooches, Kara said...

I think I know what the "glassblowers' comment means but I shall wait to see if I am correct ;)

Everytime I see your friends hubby I literally hear the phrase 'He must be a South Pole Elf' I have no idea why!! LOL