Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Card Pictures!

David Loves ME! me and my long face?
this is not necessarily the one that we will use, but it's one that was on my cam
Scott and his girls!! Very nice!!
My girls and I (still can't believe that I get to say that)
Crazy Beeeeeeeeecky
Chubby dolly in Red

Tonight was the annual taking of the Christmas card pictures. It's always so much fun. In all actuality, it went quite well. We did Beck and Scott's fam first and, all in all, it took about 10 minutes! Then David and my big boys showed up a bit after 8:30 p.m., changed their shirts, and we took ours. We have a few more peeps than B's crowd so it did take a bit longer and it was harder to get Molly focused, since she tends to be kind of a spaz...Piper did a little dance ditty for her though and so that is why Molly's looking elsewhere. I was also bummed that we failed to think of the mom/daughter pic when B. and her girls were still dressed in their finery. Sorry, B. :(
Beck took some pix with her cam and with mine..her's seems to take better, clearer pix but that's ok. My camera is good for what we use it for! It is starting to fail though, the screen blips and goes in and out..I am not sure what I would do without it!
Well, I'm going to beddy bye..busy day on Thursday. Not much to report...hopefully we will have our Christmas cards out early next week? I have NOT forgotten my peeps! Good night and be back on here later. Love and peace.


Heather said...

Maybe Santa will bring a new camera for you this year...? It IS a necessity! I mean, what would we all do w/o your blog and pics to look forward to every day!? Those pictures are so good! Can't wait to get ours to hang up on the wall of fame!

BFFX4 said...

I love the picture of the potential 2007 Christmas Card! Man, did you know that Will and Dave have THE EXACT SAME SMILE! You would have thought you photoshopped that in!