Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas at the Cabin

My big fellas, waiting for their giftage
Gift dispersion....
I did make this face on purpose! I'm just wrong!
Molly is learning the fine art of opening gifts...she did quite well for 5 mos. of age.
Levi, Grandpa Y. and Emilie...posing for someone else.
David's sister, Amy, her baby, Adelaide, Molly, and David.
Levi by the explosion...
Aaron, Em and Molly..
All of the stockings hanging by the rafters...

A rousing game of lasted for almost 2 hours.
Natalie and Molly
David's mom got Molly laughing with this monkey
These are a few pix of our visit out to David's parents house on Monday evening...we had a really nice time, good food, fun times. Thanks, Mom and Dad for the yum roast, ribs, fixin's, fellowship and gifts!! Molly got to officially meet her newest cousin, Adelaide...they regarded each was kinda funny how they both kicked their legs. Kinda like a baby hello.
We do a gift exchange each year...otherwise, it would be so overwhelming to buy for all of his siblings, let alone any of their extensions. So this year, I got a really nice Cuisinart food processor as well as a Cuisinart hand blender from David's younger bro, Aaron! Thanks Aaron!! David got some fleece shirts, the kids got Lego's, Littlest Pet shop stuff, Leap Frog stuff etc...thank you, everybody!! What a nice time!
Ok, well, now I am going to post some of the pix from our Christmas with my side...


Brittany said...

Wow, great pic of Nat and Molly! I haven't seen Aaron in ages! He's cute as ever! Amy's baby is a cutie too. (well, what I can see of her in your pic) Glad you had a good Christmas! We did too. I just feel so blessed with my hubby and kids. I know you do too. Kids make Christmas even more fun, I think!

Smooches, Kara said...

Anything that has the word Cuisinart on it is the perfect Christmas present in my book!! ;)

MyMommy got me a fondue pot!! I am dying to have a gathering just so I can use my fondue pot!!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures!!