Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Album completion! what next?

this was before I discovered brow waxing...yikes.
check out slumped over Levi..poor fella!

Mom & Dad were overwhelmed this year!! :)
Mel looks like a little dreamboat!
I was pinning Levi's hands down this year!!
Our little family of 6...soon to be seven...

Ok, here's the last of it...I love the pic from 05...Levi was being so uncooperative...he has an Ethan streak now and then. the up side to their personalities is that they are so sensitive and caring...they are acutely aware when someone is hurting!! so I will pin hands down anyday to have that!! 2003 was a last minute effort, as David was working allllllllllllot and it was getting well into Dec...(kinda like now)...I may have to do this again, much to my chagrin. 2004 was my Goth look...last year was David's first Christmas without glasses! ahhh relief!!
We got some snow here last night/this morning...Today is my "beautification" day...ha ha. maybe maintenance is a better word...tonight, Beck and I are going to get our hair "did" at TEN P.M....isn't that crazy? Michelle is an instructor at the local beauty college and she is not only fun, but she does hair in her home and she is very reasonably priced!! so that makes the late night worth it!! Ok, now I'm really going to go start my bread so peace out!!


Heather said...

Ooh, I love the look back! The kids' expressions - esp when they were smaller - are so funny! It's so fun to see how they've grown. You two make beautiful babies!

Smooches, Kara said...

what next!?!?! If you need some more scrappin' to do I have a couple hundred pictures to send your way ;) HAHA!!! Let's make some ornaments with scrap supplies only!! I will if you will!

p.s. I love the trip down family picture lane!! I have almost all of them. I am quite the collector :)

BFFX4 said...

I love the pictures! I feel so inadequate...we do pictures for Christmas cards every year, but I don't think I ever thought to keep one for us! :-(