Monday, December 10, 2007

A totally random, pointless post!!

This is Debbie...Piper's stuffed bunny!! she's feeling a little abandoned!!
I look tired and haggard and David looks like he's up to something!
We played Apples to Apples last night and these were the cards I won...
A seriously goofy, challenging pic of Levi
All I have to say is if you haven't played "Apples to Apples" yet, you'd better. It is so fun, especially with an interesting group of people. If you've played, then you know how I won these cards shown above...we've determined in our 3 years of playing this game that the cards you win usually describe you very well.
Debbie...first picture, is Piper's BFF...We had Nora and Pipes Sat. night while Beck and Scott went to his work Christmas bash (Yes, I failed to take pix of the girls' time here but I DID get one of the stuffed bunny, nice)...I love my kids and my sister's kids but it cemented the fact for me that I was not cut out for 7 kids. All of you that have more than me, I have a deep respect for you. If you have twins? An even deeper respect. Nora is such a good baby...and Piper is a good girl...she fits into our mess very well! She is Levi's mother hen and I love the cute little relationship they have with each other!! She is so dang smart and cute! Nora spit up on her in the middle of our Bible Study group and Piper ever so calmly stated "Laaaaurie, she frew up on me!!" Boy, did that tiny little girl up-chuck...made a little pool in Piper's folded up legs. Beck, your kids ROCK! love 'em.
The pic of David and I was taken by, do I always look that old and tired? probably. I was in this pic for sure! David looks cute though! and last but definitely NOT least, Levi...making his signature photo expression. he has started doing this in a lot of pics!! I'm not fond of this look...he is such a poser!! Ok, enough randomness for this day. Thanks for letting me make no sense! Lots of love to you!

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