Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year's Past

Will stood on the island to get this action shot
Emma Mc. showing us her jazz hands
Party poopers...going home early, since someone was newly preggers

Party Hardy
Twila and Gonzo..our Florida friends
David and Gonzo showing their smooth moves
New Year's Revelers...

Twila...she actually does have some good moves

These pix are from our 2004 party...this was back when our good friends Twila and Gonzo still lived in this area...o how we miss you fun folks!! You can move back up north ANY OL' TIME, k?? We miss you at our harvest parties, we miss you at our New Year's party, we miss you at our kids' parties, we miss you on mundane Thursday evenings, we miss you for cookouts and Air Supply...we JUST miss you! I know living right next to the ocean is NICE but c'mon!! sniff. sniff.

Anyways, sorry for the tangent...this was a fun party!! You can see it. You know it. you want to be here with us. It's good clean, sober fun!!

Allrighty, just wanted to put up a few pix from the past!! Last year's pix were pretty funny, all of us dancing...not flattering. So I think I may just NIX putting any of those up. Plus, Twila and Gonzo weren't here so ....... I may post some though because they ARE pretty hilarious...pregnant me trying to dance, all of us sweating and being just really white. hee hee.

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BFFX4 said...

I can't wait for tomorrow night! Looks like it should be fun!