Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas with my family

Baby's First Christmas
My brother, Andy w/ David and Molly
Mel w/ Duncan and Nora
Duncan w/ the Raiders of the Lost Ark Legos that his cool Aunt L. and Uncle D. got him...
Will w/ vintage Star Wars toy...
David, Levi, my Dad, Charlie, and Andy
David and Nora
Will and the Divine Miss M
Molly slept thru presents so this was her time...she is quite good.
She loved eating the paper...yah!!
Here is my last installment on Christmas.
Our family didn't arrive home from Illinois until about 4 a.m. We slept in until 10 or so and got up for our gift session. The kids were quite surprised to have received the Nintendo DS's...especially because I had mentioned getting one for each of the boys to Mel...she is so good natured though, that she was happy for them..and couldn't wait to see their faces when they opened them. I wish you could've seen HER face when she realized what she had gotten. priceless. I did videotape it. They all opened their gifts, then we got ready for our last stop for the day. The kids were so cute, they got David some gift cards to Menard's and for me, they got a nice sterling silver ring with cz's in it...pretty cool!! Whatta nice Christmas!
Christmas time w/ my family was at my sister and brother in law's house...we ate some deliiiiiiiiiiiiiish lasagna (good job, Momma), salad, bread after a crazy time of gift opening...There were 9 of my parents 10 grandkids in action.
I think my camera is dying. It is casting a white glow on most of my pix so I'm praying for the means to purchase a new one or this blog may have to shut down. Not sure what I will do. My camera is 3 years has been used A LOT!! the screen is quitting on me and now this with the pix...ugh.
We had a very nice time with my family, got a lot of nice things, gave some nice things and then after dessert, we came home, vegged out and went to bed early!! Amen for that! Today, it has been tough to get myself going but there is a lot to do so I'd best get going! I do hope and pray that all of you have had a lovely, blessed Christmas time, with friends and family. Thank You, Lord, for your many blessings now and in the new year to come!! Amen. Peace and Joy to you!
P.S. I just noticed that I didn't get a pic of Ethan on here...the only one is of him crawling by the tree...he opened his gifts so fast that he was gone before I got to him. Horrible mother. I love you, E. sorry I didn't take any pix of you with your gifts...years of therapy will help with this, I'm sure. (in all reality, he was probably off in a corner playing w/ his DS...ugh)


sister with the homestead said...

Merry Christmas Laurie, to you and yours. We are all blessed to have wonderful families, live in a wonderful free country, and most of all, we have the freedom to worship our Lord Jesus Christ and celebrate the miracle of his birth.
We are blessed!

Many hugs

Anonymous said...

Well, i rather like the white makes it all seem so angelic...Ha...Thank you for all of the awesome gifts that you bestowed upon my family, especially the gift of your prescence! That always makes a day more fun!!! LOVE YOU!