Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Artwork by Levi and Sister bonding time

Today we are spending a nice, quiet day on the homefront. Getting caught up with laundry, dishes, schoolwork, yardwork etc...yikes. Levi drew some lovely artwork for us and wanted to pose by it...he is starting to really like drawing people...a good sign.
Have I mentioned just how awesome it is to have Melanie for Molly's big sister?? She is such a good helper, always willing to give me a break, which is nice (aren't I horrible??) from little Miss High Maintenance...I can't wait till Molly starts smiling, she is going to have hours of entertainment with these older siblings that love her so much. They are all continuing to be incredible helps for me with this baby girl.
I know I said I would get a pic on here of all FIVE of my kids, and I plan to do that really's kinda hard to coordinate all 5 people so I will make that a priority. Just for my own self if even.
Ok, Molly is taking a nap so I'd best get something done....woop, no she isn't...golly...better run. talk at y'all later.

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Smooches, Kara said...

Look at you spoiling me with all kinds of blogs and pictures!! I am unable to keep up!! :)

One comment for hte last couple of blogs. I love every one of them. Hugs to poor E! Hold on to those pictures though to impress the ladies later on. And what beautiful pictures of two sisters who are going to grow to be the best of freinds!! And Levi!! Oh yeah the Davis house has full appreciation for art!!! Oh just to throw it in there Will you have to shave dude I am not emotionally ready for a 'stache!!

smooches to all!!!