Saturday, August 11, 2007

Awww Molly

These pix are from Fri. and Sat. and I had to post them before they got lost in the shuffle of life. We had a little photo shoot yesterday and she cooperated for a bit. She has a little case of infant acne going on right now. Then Aunt Beck and Miss P came down to swim today and Beck has always known how to make my kids smile...with all of her crazy "aunt" sounds and googles...Molly decided that it was worthy of a cutie patootie smile!! She is wearing her little onesie that B. got her that says I'm the little Sister. Molly has been pretty disagreeable's really a good thing that she is cute!! :):) ( I say that with all love and devotion, ya know).
Obviously, my sis has NOT had her baby yet...but I will be posting on here as soon as she does with all the details and pix! Hang in there, kid! Enjoy those grinding bones!!
Well, little Miss Chubalicious is sleeping for the moment so off I go to eat something and lay down. This infant watch is wearing me out and I am so exhausted come evening time. I love her but I had forgotten how much work these little folks truly are! :) Love you kids!
Um, ok, well guess I'm outta here for tonight but I have more posts in my head and a really cute one on Levi that I want to post but will do it tomorrow. Also, we had our friends John and Wendy over last night and he and E. were showing all of us how they could touch their noses with their tongues so I will post that with the Levi pix...classic moments in the Y household.
Peace out and word to your mother....

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Smooches, Kara said...

I l-o-v-e that expression she gives her Aunt!!! Lucky Beck-sters!!