Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The much anticipated group photo etc.

Whatta crew!
yes, these need to be cropped! I'll do better next time
E., the proud big bro
Mr. Big Hair and his tiny sister
Levi loves to participate...she looks ready to sock him!
Beautiful girls!!
I just thought about it, but really, Molly and Melanie will be ever so protected with all of these brothers around.
Can you believe I actually got a few pix of all five kiddos together? I couldn't believe it...they didn't turn out so great but I will get some more, I wanted to do some outdoor ones but at this stage, we gotta take pix of her when we have a window of happiness. And it's a pretty small window yet. I love the individual pix of Molly with each sib...they continue to be so amazing with her...Mel is an invaluable help to me. My kids rock!
On a different note, we went to see Beck tonight, she is STILL pregnant!! she still looks good too..I bet she will have this kid on Thursday! just a hunch. Hope it works out for you, sis.
Hope you all enjoy the pix! I LOOOOOOOOVE doing this stinkin' blog! (nerd)


brittany said...

What a beautiful brood you have there, Laurie (and Dave ;) ). I would have to say those girlies look a lot like the Young side.

I would love to snuggle with those cute little chub rolls on Miss Molly. Delicious!

Lauren is an awesome big sis as well. It's so much fun to watch our older girls love on the babies.

Wow, 6+ wks and finally a pic of the sibbs. When do we get one of the 7 of you? I believe I'm expecting too much here. ha!

Smooches, Kara said...

look at that bunch of ragamuffins!!! Love 'em!!!

Oh yeah your friend is right! When can we 'officially' start whining for a whole family shot? :)

Oh no we kind of people never let up!!! ;)