Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Levi's Hair Cut

Traumatic...love the sideburns!
Hello Poser...much better! Check out
that foldy ear!
This kid really, really hates getting his hair cut. If we want to threaten him to do something or to not do something (which every parent does, admit it)...we threaten him with a HAIR CUT!! He always says "Tomorrow". Not only is it hard on him but it's hard on his parents to inflict this on him (ha ha)...when we get done, we are worn out also.
So, for all of you that have seen our bushy-haired kid lately, he is now clean cut and doesn't resemble a Brady Bunch kid anymore. that is the other boys here...Will and Ethan have some seriously big hair.
Thanks for letting me blog this...Levi needed his own entry. Have a good day y'all! Next up, I hope, is a group shot of all FIVE of my kids together!! Working on that today!

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