Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kissin' Cousins and other fun times

Seven of my parentals TEN grandkids...whoa!
From our Monday visit...
Totally out of order but so stinkin' fat and happy! Mel's in baby heaven! Checkin' out Nora
I am not quite sure what happened to the order of my pix but that is not the order in which I downloaded them. O well. Ethan, Melanie, Molly and I went up to the hospital to see Beck, Scott and Nora yesterday...I put my keys and phone in the diaper bag pocket and then absentmindedly took out my diaper clutch, thinking I didn't need the diaper bag that way. Duh! Then slam, there went the sliding door as I realized I had just closed the van door with my keys inside, tucked away so nice and safe in my adorable diaper bag. ha ha. I am such a ditz and was still going on some incomplete sleep from the day before! anyway, we had a nice visit, longer than I expected since my dearheart of a mother had to drive Will and Levi (whom she was watching for me while we made our trip), run down to my house (she lives a good 20 minutes plus from me), and then proceed to run the extra keys up to me in the downtown Indpls area at Methodist Hosp. duh. Thanks again, Momma. You da bomb. Sorry for being so absent-minded! Beck and fam are home safe and sound tonight, tucked away safely with their TWO daughters. seems strange to me. I know it does to her! Nora is just a tiny, little Peanut of a thing. You can do it, Beck!! You'll get used to it eventually.
Ok, well this cat is off to beddy bye but I will try to get back on here asap with some more always interesting, never dull news from the homefront. ha ha. dork. Love and peace.


Mel Cunniff said...

Thanks for including me in on your blog link. Love the pics of your fam and Nora. Thanks for sharing the pics. Look forward to seeing more. We're so happy for Scott and his girls! :)

Smooches, Kara said...

I must giggle at the fact you got a pic of all 7 kids ten times faster then you got your 5!!!

So much love for your parents!! How lucky they are!

Nora Cunniff

sounds like a great Romance Novelist ;)

p.s. you know at one point and time the girls asked to keep that spider as a pet? silly children!!

Smooches, Kara said...

Hey those cousins have been smooching for ahwile now!!! How is one of my favorite families!?!

smooches to all!!