Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ha ha ha..

spread those toes out, girl!

Check out Molly's sweet, uncellulitish thighs...Beck took this pic but unless you are with M. in person, you can't imagine how sweet her little legs are! She sticks them straight out when she is nursing and they are actually quite strong. She really is quite a chunk! and that's a good thing. for her. my voracious nursing appetite is another story entirely.

The bottom pic...o sorry B....but I had to post this to show our blogging friends just the lengths you will go to, to make my kids, your kids, laugh. And it works. (look, Molly is enraptured) So keep at it girl. You make me laugh all the time! show this to your friends at work. Hi Christy, Hi Wendy...Isn't Becky a pretty girl? even when goofin' around, she's a beauty. Ok, I'm officially done harassing you with pix on my blog. For now. Now go have your baby!

On a side note, Kara, where-a u been? Good day all!

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Smooches, Kara said...

I am still here sweetie!! Leaving some blog love! I have every intention of keeping my blog back up! Don't give up on me yet ;)