Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just a few more weekend highlights...

Swimmin' with Grandpa
Pa and his buddy
Here is Charmaine and Ryan from the previous
post...Molly loves you and says you should
have another baby! :) ;)

Just love this chubba face!!

I had just a few more pix that I wanted on this blog from our past weekend. My dad and mom took Levi to their place with them for a bit this past Friday, so he could have some time away from this brood...(hey, when do I get my away time??? anybody??)...and Dad brought him back later that afternoon and swam with all of us!!

Charmaine and Ryan are in pic #3...they are fellow homeschoolers and cool folks to hang with. Thanks for the Jimmy John's sandwich platter to go with all of our goodies. We had a really good time with y'all.

Ok, well, I FINALLY got some pix of ALL 5 OF MY KIDS tonight so I am going to post those next but Miss Molly Moo Moo is crying so I will get those pix on here asap.

Love and peace out.


Anonymous said...

I just happened to check your blog since I haven't "talked" to you since the weekend -- and there I am on the world wide web! We had a great, relaxing time with y'all and your sweet kids. And I really enjoyed snuggling Miss Molly. :)

Smooches, Kara said...

lol I am loving WIll's hair!! Good-ness it looks permed!!

But I love the long flippy dippy 'dos on boys. Cameron's hair is growing!! Slowly but surely I will get it back!!!