Monday, August 20, 2007

Some recent Molly shots...

Pretty girl
chubby goodness
L to R: Mel, Amy, Laurie, Molly and Carla
Here are a few recent pix of Miss Molly...The top pic is from Sat. night, chilling with our friends, Charmaine, Ryan and their kids at a local winery. Charmaine, thanks for hanging with my WAS a nice little break! You are so good with her and may I encourage you to give birth one more time (sorry Ryan)...I'll post Charmaine's pic with Molly when I receive her permish. Photo #2 is from yesterday, after church...she was so cute sleeping on her chubby little belly. #3 is one I couldn't resist..she had a little tank outfit on and the rolls on her arms and back were irresistible...I had to chew on them, I mean, take a pic of her sleeping that way. Pic #4 is of our last visit to the Nurse Midwives...aww, kinda sad that that part of my life (childbearing, that is) is closing...Amy was Carla's assistant at Molly's birth and they were the faces that frantically greeted me 6 weeks ago this very day, when I nearly delivered in their parking lot (and on 465, and on 37, and on 38th St. etc). They were great and I am thankful for being able to experience my last birth with them! Thank you Ladies! I'm going to miss you! :( :( :(
I have a few other weekend shots that I wanted to post but since my computer is DIAL UP (Yes, you heard me...we are 5 years behind everyone else down here in billy land)...I could only upload a few pix tonight, for I am a tired girl. I will post some more on Tuesday and work toward that mystery shot that I have been trying almost 6 weeks to get, the 5 Young children all together, in one picture.
And, for those of you who are wondering, my poor sister went to her ob/gyn today and was only dilated to 1.5 cm, for which her doc said that she wouldn't plan an induction till she was at least 2 cm. Needless to say, Beck is a frustrated, tired and hanging in there momma! Pray for her if you could...(but she still looks beautiful!!). You will be the first to know, RIGHT HERE ON THIS BLOG when Baby C. arrives.
O yeah, and finally, at my appt. today, I weighed Molly and she was ELEVEN pounds, TEN heard me...and that was only with a lightweight little sundress on...ELEVEN lbs. Ten oz!! Pork-a-licious! She ROOOOOOOOCKS! She is irresistible!! She is up over 4 pounds from her birth 6 weeks ago. Ok, the rambling queen is signing out...hope you all are well...leave me a comment, would ya? (thanks Kara, for all of your ya)


momma of 3 said...

I love the pic of the rolls. Aren't they just edible?!? I didn't realize she had so much hair! None of my babies had much. So cute!

Smooches, Kara said...

are her eyes seriously that stunning!?!? Talk about some baby blues!!!

I love leaving comments!!! Since I have been a bad bad blogger I owe you something. But I hope I have hopped back on the Blog Wagon. I did post a baby blog :)