Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ethan's new 'do

I know you must be thinking that this post is a repeat but it isn't. I broke down and had E. get his hair cut today. His hair is just so different from Will's. Will's is thick but fine like mine so he can pull off the longer look. E. has thick and very coarse hair like his dad and instead of looking all flowy like, it's super duper thick and poofy...kinda like Bobby Brady. so, much to his chagrin, he got it all cut off today and man, he just looks really good with his hair shorter. I'm sure one day, when he's older, taller, whatever, that he can pull off hippy hair. E., you are one striking dude!! We love your new 'do!

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Smooches, Kara said...

it sucks not being able to sport the 'do you know in your heart belongs on your head!! Me? The short Halle Berry look!! I hate dealing with my hair!! I am to chubby cheeked to be that short :) I have accepted it and have moved on.

Oh but in my head! Short and absolutely fabulous!!! Hugs to E!! I understand my man! You look rockin' though!!!