Thursday, August 9, 2007

Here are some Molly funnies for ya!

Whoa Miss Fatty Patty!!
this was a smile but I got it with her peepers closed
mid-cry...isn't this too funnnny?
She loves her big ol' bow...not so much.
Here are a few pix of Miss Molly from the past few days...I loooooooove the side view of her crying...she looks scared to death...not that I enjoy it when my kids look scared to death but she wasn't, she was just pitching a fit. I think we are finally getting into the swing of things with this kid...she is a bit fussy in the evenings but this shall pass! She is starting to stay awake a tiny bit more and will look around, loves ceiling fans and our faces. (poor thing). O yeah, Happy One Month Birthday today Miss Molly!!

Well, anyway, just thought I would share a few pix of our ever-changing chicklet. Gotta go run some errands!

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Anonymous said...

She's sooo cute! Gotta love the chunkaliciousness!