Monday, August 13, 2007

Check this out...

J bizzle aka John B
E...talented young man
He's ok everyone, he just looks like
he's hurt himself...(remember, he
IS old..) love you, D

Ok, so my normal blog pals are probably wondering what all of these pix mean...and I will explain right now...
The top pic is typical Levi. He is scared to death of our smoke alarms, calls them "beep beep". We had our friends, John and Wendy, over on Fri. night (I think I posted that already, sorry) and D. wanted to see if Levi would still be as scared of the sounding alarm and to show John our funny little guy. Levi would NOT take his hands down off of his ears so D. gave him his work earphones. He fell asleep on our couch with them on and his little dollar clutched in his chewed up little hand. He is so very sensitive to sound still. Hmmm. Then I just needed to post that he got some Molly love also!! he surely loves his little sis.
The disturbing images you are viewing of David, E. and John touching their noses with their tongues are just to show you all the pure talent that drips from my home. We apparently need to get out more if this is our Friday night fun!! No, really, we don't need a big screen TV, clubs, drinks or wild parties to have an enjoyable evening. No siree...we have raw fun!! RAW!! C'mon down, y' are missin' out!

On a different note, my cousin Dawn had her second daughter last night...Welcome to this crazy world, little Miss Taylor !! I will get some pix up as soon as I get some (hint, hint...I know you are still in the hospital and that I have yet to actually send some of Molly to YOU but c'mon...gotta blog here...)
Ok, well, I have a lot to do today...tonight begins our start back into our homeschool clubs, as I have an Early Modern History club meeting...yoo hoo. It should be fun..I just don't know if I'm ready for all this committment again. Hangin' by a thread here!
I'll be back later!!

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Smooches, Kara said...

Levi straight up made me laugh!!

still laughing!