Wednesday, November 3, 2010

hang on tight...picture explosion ahead...

Ethan definitely stayed true to the character of Nacho Libre...if he wasn't my kid, I'm sure he would've won the costume contest...Levi is a cheeseball.

this was the FIRST year we actually carved pumpkins. for no particular reason....just never wanted to mess with that. the kids loved it (mostly)

I always realize in moments like this, just how much room our lower level does NOT have. Party next house will have a party wing most definitely!

Molly and Caroline (the Red Queen) warm up to the Pinata before he meets his doom.

we followed the proper procedures in light of the burn ban on Morgan county...and were all able to enjoy the lusty glow of the fire! it was a lovely evening, not too cold, not too warm....

this pinata has no clue what's in store...

Junior Superman giving the pinata a go!

Go Senior Superman...amazing!

Beck even got to take out some aggressions on the ol' pinata!

Nacho, it's a good thing you have those stretchy pants on!

Tom, I have to hand it to you, this is probably my favorite picture...your camera ROCKS!

Jose, Julian and Xochitl M. even participated and what fun!

Annie Mae and Melanie Lane (hippie names) adoring the cat that would become ours. Meet Ivy...our new cat. sheesh.

Man of Squeal, er I mean, Steel.

Daphne from Scooby Doo with her lovely momma

Evening Gown Barbie (husky style)

Will portrayed a very convincing Napoleon Dynamite.

David, aka Moon Beam, aka Ozzy Osbourne

Molly, with one of the two cats lurking around that night. This cat did NOT become our family pet...

beautiful momma and most of her beautiful family...even Renaissance Princesses get boogies in their noses.

So, there really are more pictures that I would like to blog but I need to get my day going.

All credit for these amazing pix goes to my big brother, Tom, who did an excellent job capturing the festivities. Thank YOU, bro! I didn't snap ONE picture.

I haven't tallied up the final numbers on just how many people attended but there were A LOT!

I hope your week is going well and that the weekend ahead brings much joy to you and yours. We will have Levi's "official" birthday party on Saturday, since my mom has been MIA since the 25th of October...:) love you, momma but miss you too!

Happy Wednesday!

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Tory said...

Love, love, love these pix! Your brother is Mucho Awesome! It makes me feel a little less sad that I couldn't be there (being the only child that I am, these pictures were so realistic, that they made me spaz about being in such a large crowd...teeheehee...) Thank you for sharing and for putting a smile on my face this Wednesday morning. I am thankful for my midwestern cousins with blogging and picture taking talent. Hugs to you Barbie, t