Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Update

Melanie and my nose.
Mickey's got something in his eyes.

Mel was highly amazed at the mini-jukeboxes at each table (though ours didn't have one. nice)....

Tom was highly amazed at the bill....

David was highly entertained by the straw dispensers...hey, you're cute, guy!

I love how my brother always manages to hide his mug...and what a mug to hide behind. :)

#1 and #4...

Our gang at Johnny Rockets hamburger joint...what a fun time and yum food...good portion sizes too! (thanks da bomb)

Melanie and Abby, a young gal who is involved in some Shakespeare in the Park...Mel has her fairy wings on here!

Andrea from Safe House below for some cool information we found out about.

I love it when my little guys discover the magic of super heroes! Levi discovered the comic book hero box and spent a good long while setting them up and just being amazed at them. Isn't he adorable?

~~So here we are...a Sunday evening...always fun to look back on Friday evening to that is what I shall do. Oh Snap (we are watching That's So Raven right now).
~Friday night: David worked late...we vegged out, since D. had to work on Sat.
~Sat: The house was pretty much clean (Go Thursday!!) I exercised (woohoo) and we did laundry and the usual daily household stuff...knowing that in the evening, we were going to venture out to Barnes & Noble for an evening of books and coffee. We did enjoy a fun evening with my brother and without Molly (whew, she is so no fun at a bookstore, sorry girl)...and while at the amazing B&N, we met a neat couple that run the Shakespeare in the Park here in Greenwood. They were doing some fund-raising and holding little demos, answering Q's from people that wanted to know more about being involved in drama (as if we need ANY help with THAT)...the fun drama. I will blog more about this stuff later because I think it will be something interesting that our family takes part in, in the near future.
After that, we strolled the outdoor mallsy area...and went to Johnny Rockets diner...good, clean fun, walked the indoor mallsy area and picked up Mollsy! Thanks, Mom and Dad, for keeping the little sprite for us.
~Today: wonderful worship time and teaching service at Horizon...exercise at the YMCA and home, home, home! At this moment in time, Levi is pushing Molly back and forth, back and forth on the tile floor. She is in a bucket. it's cute and I shall blog it later. for to sup. Hope you had a blessed weekend and that you stayed warm and healthy.
~I John 3:23, 24: And this is his commandment, that we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as he gave us commandment. And he that keepeth his commandments dwelleth in him, and he in him. And hereby we know that he abideth in us, by the Spirit which he hath given us.
~~Note: It is so aggravating here on blogger...I have my text all laid out the way I want it, spaces and such between captions and paragraphs and when I view my blog, it's all jumbled together! If any of you bloggers out there know how to solve this problem, I'd be very thankful! LY


Tory said...

Nice update and as always, fun and informative pictures. Was wondering, do the kids actually answer to their numbers? #1 and #3 come here right now? I don't know...just curious. ;) I think Johnny Rockets would be fun with you guys, too. Maybe, it's just take the party with you. In my world, 8 people is a good size party! ;) There are several places that I think would be fun to go with your family to...a cruise, the restaraunt where they throw rolls, FAO Schwarz, etc. Fun times! Hope you have a good week, T

Brittany said...

Blogger is a pain in my side. If I could just figure out the picture issues, life would be good.

BTW, Nathan likes the super heroes that Levi is playing with.

Tory said...

Just had one of my random thoughts after relooking at these pictures. Think just how mad the Moo would be if she knew all of the fun that she was missing! Now, you know where all of her pent up agression is coming from. ;)

As for blogger, there is literally no explanation. Some days it works for me and some days it doesn't. The only thing that I would do (if I really had the time) is to e-mail the blogger people themselves.

Oh well...just extra musings...oh, and I forgot to tell you how much I LOVE the pictures of you and Melly! Beautiful ladies!

Hugs, t