Monday, January 19, 2009

Thing #1 and Thing #2

"we like each other" for now.

Levi, you are teaching Molly bad things.

she's saying "Cheese"'s quite cute how she says it...and she wrinkles up her nose and becomes almost edibly cute! (they did her hair at the Y again tonight)

all. day. long. up. and. down.

Thought it was about time that I included some recent moments on this here blog.
I've been a blog slacker and I apologize. Dad. Tory. Becky. the three of you that visit my blog. :)
Can I just say, without sounding ungrateful or complainy.....
that Molly wears me out?
I mean, I know it's a good thing. She's so healthy, fearless, bright, cute, funny, smart...but that combination is so tiring. She's like all 4 of her siblings before her, rolled into ONE little whirling dervish of a kid.
Phew! I just put her to bed...Praise the Lord! She goes down and the house rejoices.
We have the gate at the top of the spiral stairs. Why? I dunno. to keep her safe. She pops that lock right off and gets on the first step, turns around and makes sure to close it back up again. all the while teetering on said first step. Makes my heart skip a beat. but I've chosen NOT to worry or gasp over it...she's going to have to get good on the death trap stairs and does quite nicely, thank you! My parents were here tonight and here comes the Unsinkable Moo Moo mom gasped. my mom nearly fainted. (she NEVER did this with US, love you momma)...Molly will be the death of ya, huh, Mom?
it's neat to see the budding little friendship between Levi and his baby sis...they hang out, they lock themselves in the "toy" room...and sometimes, if we're lucky...he locks her in the the toy room and when we realize it's too quiet, (20 minutes later) we check the room and there she is..pulling out EVERY toy known to man. I think they will be good friends. Levi, make sure you look out for your sister. she's going to be searching trouble out...(I have a great new song by Lenka...called Trouble...I need to see if I can post it on here...)
Thanks for letting me post these random thoughts and musings on a dreary, pre-Inaugural Monday evening...Happy MLK day! hope you had a fun day off of whatever it is you do. I know my parents did! Hugs from this Molly-worn momma!


Tory said...

Cutie Patooties! And, I love the purple velour number. She is truly stylin' and profilin'. And, the fact that she and Levi are such good friends is great. But, the whole unlocking the gate and climbing down the death spiral is HEART-STOPPING! I cannot even begin to know how I would survive her, but then again, I don't know how you do any of it. You truly amaze me! Oh, and I love the long, newsy entry.

Hugs, t

Laurie and company said...

thanks cuz. I too love the purple is so warm and cozy snuggly. and the little girl on it is adorable, she's got little brown piggie tails...i tried to get it in the pic but the big kid with brown piggie tails wouldn't stand still to save her life!
Thanks for letting me be wordy...I am in such a bloggin' stump!
I would appreciate your prayers as I survive these kids. something in the air!
love ya, LY

Tory said...

I know what you mean about blogging slump! Wow, it must be that whole winter hibernation thing. ;) That's why I am excited just to see you out there giving us an insight into your little piece of heaven. Take care, and have a wonderful day.

Praying for you and your lovely family, Tory

Heather said...

You're allowed to say that w/o sounding whiny or complainy. She's something else! I get tired just READING about her! Levi's going to have his work cut out for him, keeping little sis in line! It'll be good for him.

Anonymous said...

OH, i can't say that i blame you!!! That girl is a firecracker! She is flippin cute, though! Man, these are the greatest pics. I love the one with L laying down and Moo standing--POSER. I just want to squeeze her!!! xoxo

Smooches, Kara said...

Excuse me Chickadee but you need to put me on that list of people who check your blog numerous times a day ;) But I have to admit if you are going to slack I won't mind as much if we keep getting funny pictures of Miss Moo!!

Steph said...

Adorable piggie tails! Two cute offspring - that's for sure!

Tory said...

Cute kids, that must be holding a coup in your house which is holding blogger hostage until their demands are met. Things like playtime with friends so they can be knocked over or no more pig tails or more, more, more matchbox cars to line up on the belts of the entire household. Hahaha...miss you, kiddo, but I am sure that you are busy. Stay warm, Tory

Tory said...

I find it humorous that I was harrassing you not too long before I received your comment. Funny, stuff. No big plans...just go home and hang out with the fam. Tomorrow is Pizza and Monk...normal Friday night plans (for now)...maybe some cake in there. And, I think we are actually going to dinner on Saturday, but nothing major.

I liked your little Dr. Seuss moment! Yeah, snow in the south isn't pleasant, but it makes children, who can complain. And, just think, this should be enough to last us for another 5 years. ;)

Later, chickadee, t