Thursday, January 8, 2009

We're still here

There really is just not a whole heckuvalot going on this week and that's ok with us!

We've been riding around in rubbermaid totes, trashing the living room setting up the "store" or the "restaurant"...getting back in the "swing" of school....exercising and just enjoying the mundane days of January.

I hope this finds you enjoying the chilly, possibly snowy days....I know we are! Happy Thursday!


Heather said...

Whew! I was a mite bit worried! But you certainly deserve a whole lotta' nuthin' going on! These winter blah days are perfect for just hanging at home, keeping warm. Precious pic of M and L!

Tory said...

What cutie pies in their rubber tubs! They look like they are plotting their next attack. You'd better keep an eye on them. Haha...just glad to see you out and about during this cold January. All the best to you as you get back in the swing of things, t

Anonymous said...

All i can say is that they seriously look like they are getting into some trouble!!! Mr. and Miss Mischevious, huh? Wow, they'll work well together!! Love this pic...hope you got to get some rest (ha ha) yesterday. Thanks for keeping bean this afternoon! see you tonight! xoxo

Simplicity said...

Your days sound a lot like our days...don't you just love it?

Keep warm and cozy and enjoy!

Love ya, Lady!