Monday, January 5, 2009

She could see paradise by the dashboard lights...

Laurie asked me to hijack her post today. Well, what an honor that has been bestowed upon me! I don't have anything exciting or inspiring to talk about, but I told her that I would share this past weekend's "Proud moment in parenting"...Scott was working away in the garage (hoooooray, and you'd understand if you've seen the garage!) and I was surveying the damage in the kitchen from the night before...Every few minutes, I would walk into the living room to check on the girls and make sure that Piper hadn't tied Nora to the ceiling fan or Piper wasn't towing Nora with the Jammin' Jeep...While the Jeep has become the centerpiece of our living room in the past couple of weeks, I didn't expect Nora to be the one who doesn't stay off of the darn thing, nor did I intend on it and the telly to become the baby sitter...At one point, I came in and Nora was perched on the hood of the Jeep, intently watching the Spongebob Squarepants movie (I said I was proud of this moment) just about 8 inches away from the telly screen. Good for the eyes, huh? Aw, I'll feed her some carrots and she'll be fine. Did I pull her away? Of course not right away! Over the past couple of years, I've learned from my dear blogger queen sis that this is truly a photo op...I pulled the Jeep back and I think I heard Nora trying to convince Piper to crash into the telly again so she could have front row seats at the drive in... xoxo


Laurie and company said...

ahhhh, we've all been there and done this! but this Jeep...classic.
aren't you glad you captured this moment? it's hilarious!
love it!
Nora, you are a pistol, girl! a nice addition to the family of pistols.
thanks for bloggin, fun!
hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Hey there girls - I love the pic of Nora and the thought of her at the "drive in" cracks me up! :) She is a cutie pie! Beck-you crack me up, we've all been guilty of popping in a show in order to get something done around the house - after all, its the American Way! :)
-Mel Cunniff

Heather said...

Oh yes...Thomas the Train and Clifford the Big Red Dog have been on a LOT at our house lately! That is HILARIOUS! That girl is going to be a stitch...just like big sis and momma! Watch out, Scott!