Monday, January 12, 2009

Birthdays, fires, collages & hula babies galore!

We enjoyed a lovely birthday dinner in honor of my mom yesterday! Vito Provolone's, a nice little Italian place on the southside of Indy, is a cozy, tasty little place to dine...give 'em a try.

pretty girl...playing coy with me.

thanks for being the go to girl on the snack front, Becky. Molly knows you have the goods.
On a different note, Nora bean? I hope you get to feeling better very soon!

Thanks for a delicious meal, Mom and Dad. good eatin', good fellowshippin'!

Mel wanted to try the hula outfit on her poor baby sister again...and in looking at the dates from the last time she did it, it was about this time last year! talk about the mundane days of winter...let's dress our sis in weird outfits...she'll get ya back, Mel.

Our little firestarter! E. does a great job with keeping the home fires burning!

Molly's baby collage was added to the wall of kids this weekend! it's so fun to walk down memory lane and quite difficult to swallow that she's already 18 months old!

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Tory said...

Absolutely loved the hula outfit! Thanks for sharing, Mel! And, I really did enjoy chatting with Mel. Especially, considering that she would want to talk to an old lady like me. ;) Looks like you had plenty of fun family time, and yummy italian food. BTW, are you ever going to share your chicken crockpot recipe? I searched the internet but I couldn't figure out which one it might be.

Hugs, t