Thursday, January 8, 2009

We've got your this time last year right here...

I didn't do it, I promise

snuggle bug..miss these days!

you have your father's legs, kid. why are you standing on the arm of the couch?

remember the li'l hobbit?

hello blue look mahvelous

one of my all times...she'd be a great synchronized swimmer, wouldn't she?

First things first...if anyone you that is a regular here, knows how to get my text to show up a little bit more spaced, could you let me know? I put it all in here, nice and spaced out...and when I press publish, it's all closed in and tight...argh. very aggravating. and it hasn't always been this way.
Haven't had any get up and go to take pix this while digging thru the pic files, I figured I'd do a this time last year segment...oh, how I sorta miss Molly at this time last year. She was so little and immobile, soft and snuggly...and Levi, he has changed so much in the last year too. I think he's getting his chub on for a major growth spurt of sorts!
I must head to bed...I think I'm getting an earache...David's not home from work yet and it's 11:30 pm...poor, hard working fella...on the road all day! so I will go to sleep for him.
Until next time, adios amigos! Hope you have had a superb week! Hugs, love, peace...

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Tory said...

Yay, one of my favorite kind of posts, AND I am the first to comment. A double yay! ;) I know, I am a little bizarre, but that's just me. Sure hope you are having a good day. Hugs, t