Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Year's Eve revisited...from Tom's point of view.

Piper, on the move again...

Good friend of the family, Vince and Mr. 80's, David...wearing his Guess Jean Jacket from his teenaged years and some totally rad sunglasses.

Vince and Molly

cute kids

What's that? We're outta champagne?
This is a dry party, folks!

Adonis, er, I mean, Vince..striking a pose...

troublemaking girl!

A wild game of foosball! always a good time, shyeah?

Gramps and Tiny...

why the long face? all I can say is it's a good thing you are cute.

Vince and his wife, Janice

Nerf gun action...

a wide angle view of the NYE fun

so glad you were with us, Jennifer!

Brittany striking HER agile!

Brittany's father, Timmy, er I mean Tim and his gal, Terry...

Let the Apples to Apples begin...

Not my most flattering angle...but do ya like my hat?

My loving and forever snapping away brother, Tom, gave me the disks that housed his New Year's Eve fotos...
Thanks, big bro, for always being so quick with the's always nice to get your perspective on family events and members. Thanks!
I know I've been a bad blogger but I will try to make amends and come up with some interesting posts. Well, that's a pretty tall order...but I will try my darndest to meet it.
This weekend has been weeeeeeeeeird. There is absolutely NOTHING to blog about...Molly's not even that much fun to blog about anymore. Can't get her to let me take some pix...

Our dinner with a couple of David's bosses and their spouses was a lot of fun! It was so very ritzy, the service, the food, the atmosphere...whoa! I could get used to the high life. yeah right. Shula's Steakhouse was definitely an experience and we are thankful for it. I had a big ol' piece of blackened salmon. mm mmm good!
The big boys went skiing with Jeff yesterday, who promises that he DID get pictures of that I will blog them as soon as they show up...they had a blast and we, again, are grateful for the opportunity! Mel babysat for Piper and Nora and then left me for her I managed to get most of the house cleaned, even with the two peskiest kids on the planet under foot. argh. :) Love you L and M. I do. A nice quiet evening, helping Daveyboy gather pix and send out emails for his upcoming INDOT meeting...(he's quite nervous), a wonderful worship service....great message...visit with friends...ahhh. God is good...I praise Him for the quiet, deep times.
On that note...I must get the house straightened back up from the explosion of life...when DID it blow up around here? I tell ya...hope this finds you enjoying this Sunday, hope you are warm, well fed, and cozy!

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Tory said...

Welcome BACK! I may not blog every day either, but I always check on yours...just in case. Love the NYE revisit...good timing on that. I always feel like before you know it, January is over and what happened to new starts?! Looked like you guys really had a lot of fun. Wish you were just a little bit closer. Have a good Monday. Love ya, cuz!