Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow Much Fun...

Levi spent his time outside, cleaning off the car for me! whatta guy...thanks...he did sled one time but he flipped over so that was enough for him!

it was cold, cold, cold out there. that is why there aren't many pix of the sledding fun...I wasn't feeling great and didn't want to stand in the cold..these shots were taken from the upstairs porch......quite a distance from where I was!

Ethan takes a turn...followed up by daredevil Will.

Go Melly, Go Melly!

I needed to get those scary pics down the line a bit, since they were freaking my peeps out...sorry for that Mom, Dad, Tory...those distorted pictures are movin' on down the line.
The kids went out in search of sledding fun this afternoon!
We got a surprise call from our friend, he's here visiting with us right now...we are eating some 'za, watching Crocodile Hunter and enjoying some catch up time! God is so good to give good friends that stop to visit and encourage! Thanks for stopping by Randy! you are a gem!

Ok, that's about it for us for tonight...we have an early morning appointment with our herb lady and alphabiotic off I go! Have a blessed evening, stay warm and hope you are healthy!


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine why anyone would be freaked out by those pics. :) I hope that you're feeling better! It's flipping cold outside today, so if you don't have to go anywhere, DON'T. Looks like the kiddos had fun sledding! I'm sure it would be NO FUN today. This makes me long for Cali or someplace like that. What do ya think? Shall we all pack up and head west??? Have a good day today and keep the posts a'comin! Sorry i haven't been commenting, it's that time of year where everyone has new insurance and suddenly gets new injuries...ah, work...xoxo

Tory said...

Just how many posts can you do in one day? I think you just set a record! In the words of Tony the Tiger, their GGRREEAATTT! So, fun to see the snow sledding pix. I remember those days. As for the herb lady and the alphabionic something or other, that's a bit different...feels like I just entered the twilight zone or something where people are speaking a language that I do not understand. Randy sure sounds like fun, and it's always nice to have those people around.

Have a great day, T

Anonymous said...

how was randy-pants? Hope you guys had a good visit with him! He's a fun fella. I just wanted to ask you a question...why do you think the "chicken" (term used loosely) in my chicken fried rice looks like the inside of a cat's ear??? xoxo

Tory said...

Okay, so I have two observations. One is that you havent blogged since Wednesday...guess, it's too cold, huh?! And, the other because you hadn't bloggeed since Wednesday, I was rereading, and what do I find? The carnival pictures are GONE! What gives? Just wondering...hope you have a good weekend.

Hugs, t

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