Sunday, September 30, 2007

School Pictures

Molly from da hood
another Levi pic, even though I posted his
"school" pic already...see Friday 9/28 post
Hi there!! Hope you had a good weekend. Can't believe it's yet another Tuesday! This past Friday, I took the kids' unofficial pictures. I truly believe I will have to re-do a few of them's hard to get a genuine smile from E. and Mel was doing something funky with her peepers. You will see in Molly's picture that she is throwing out some gang signs. where she learned those, I will never know. Will's hair is all just big and feather-y...he is such a man!

I began this post on Sunday evening but lost it now I will complete it and try to post again later on today. I am not all that excited with how my kids school pix turned out. I also got some cutesy pix of Miss Molly trying to sit up (yup, sit up) on my bed...she has pretty good head control and thinks she is a big ol''s kinda cute. I find that when I take pix of her, she is just not as cute in the pics as she is in person..I'm not just saying that either...(ok, I AM partial but c'mon really)...

Mel's fair goldfish from over 2 years ago died today...I would've taken a pic of it but the water in the bowl was foul and was kinda sad because the poor thing kept trying to eat or swim but it was on it's side and kept going put up a valiant effort to stay alive but I flushed it while Mel was somewhere else. Ok, I've spent too much time writing about THAT! (I've been trying to "off" this fish since we got it...)

Ok, I'm off to do some math with Mel, make sure the boys are understanding their work, find Levi and make sure Molly's head isn't getting cranked in the swing! I lead a charmed life! running on 3 cups of half caff coffee...peace out!

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Smooches, Kara said...

Don't you fear Momma it looks like the great Miss M is doing 'I love you' in sign language ;)

There are 7 people in your family so I guess she does belong to a gang ;)

I love seeing your pictures! It refreshes my soul! I am off to get my blog updated. I have been sick for awhile and now I feel like I am back in business!!

love you guys!!