Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Cousins "Meet"...Molly and Nora BFF

A Happier Molly
Best Friends Forever, you have no choice!
Such a tiny little piehole...
See what I mean? whatta difference 7 weeks makes!
I had the privilege of hanging out with my sis and Miss Nora on Friday, 8/31. It was time to do a photo shoot of our girls, so close in age.
Now I know Nora was a tiny li'l peanut when she was born but these pix proved it in my head. Up till this day, Molly was still pretty newborn in my head. Not anymore. Not around Nora especially...:) It was such a cute photo shoot too because Molly was screamin' and ticked and Nora was just as laid back as could be, even had her cute little knees bent like she was just lounging there and then my high strung kid comes along!! It's so funny to see little bits of personality coming thru at this young age. Beck and I and our families are so blessed to have these two little sweeties join the fun!! We praise the Lord for their health and safe arrivals! We will be back on here tomorrow or so with a weekend update. Otherwise, all is well here, have missed blogging but we've been sooooooo busy and are only going to get busier. Ack!! Save me! The school year is off and running! See y'all!!


Jeff and Heather said...

LOVE these! I can't get over the differences in their sizes and they're only 7 weeks apart! Oh, the fun these girls are going to have!

Smooches, Kara said...

sorry it took me way to long to comment on these pictures because I so adore them!! I can't get over hte look on Nora's face!!! "Who in the world am I laying next to!?!!?"

Your right these creatures are going to grow up so close and the best of friends!! Lucky Ducks!!