Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nostalgia...how I love thee!

It may be hard to tell but Will really has a Molly expression on his
mug in this nearly 13 year old photo....David is doing his
best lumberjack impression!! this is how he holds all
our infants...arms length!! love you, hon!

couldn't you just eat these kids up??? Dec. 98....o man!
E. and Mel and their matching eyes...2003
Classic Will...strong, silent E. can't believe my boys

aren't 3 and 2 anymore!! 5/98
Spidey and Tickle me Elmo...11/98

I have my big boxes of random and seriously unorganized pix out (yet I do have some of my photos organized)...and stumbled on these irresistible pix of my oldest 3 kids...I'm gettin all mopey because they are NOT these small, completely dependent kids anymore!! These pix are making me hurt today. (I told you I was going to get nostalgic, it's officially fall).
Will has always had the same happy little face, even now with pre-teen acne and facial hair...E. has always had those soulful eyes and strikingly adorable face...now he is going thru his awkward 11 year old boy phase and worries all the time that all the girls "like Will"...but watch out world, when E. breaks thru, he will not only be strikingly handsome but big and manly to boot!! He doesn't believe me. I simply can't imagine them getting any bigger than they are now...but it's a comin! Soon, I will have two big ol' kids with deep voices and long legs!! Yikes!! I do feel so safe though!
Ok, gotta go feed Fatty Patty but wanted to post these so y'all could see why I might be a nostalgic fool...my kids are growing up right before my very eyes and there is nothing I can do to stop it. Cherish the days you have...for before you know it, life changes, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad, sometimes ya just don't know. I'm glad that I have someone I can trust in to help me through uncertainty and doubt...kinda like right now.
Peace to you all....

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Hey, Chickie. Which email is the one that works for you now? Can you email me so I know. I have 2 for you and don't know which one is accurate. Thnx!