Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ethan and Melanie baby pic bonanza, Will Big Hair...Mom spooky eyes too...

Lovin' my momma's beautiful peepers!!
Ethan definitely inherited my mom's big, haunting eyes.
Mel has some striking peepers as well!! Will Big Hair (his Indian name) with Molly
Big Bow (her Indian name)...

I couldn't resist...here are E and Mel's pages from my momma's book, as well as a recent shot of Will, so you all out there in cyberspace could see why this momma is all melancholy about her firstborn....he is as tall as me, if not taller with feet that are definitely larger than mine by now. He is sporting some hair on his upper lip as well...and I just can't handle these kids growing up so fast. Anyways, you can also hopefully see how adorable E. and Mel were...(you still are, kids)...E. has my mom's haunting eyes, which I will post on here next (I think I will add the pic to this post) because she has some awesome peepers. Melanie is a rarity in this family, a truly gentle, sweet girly girl.
Ok, that's it...I promise. My late night cup of joe has kicked in and out now. g'night folks! Levi's page will be on here tomorrow!

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Smooches, Kara said...

breathe in
breathe out

You silhouetted pictures!!!

Right hand up please!!

I, Laurie Marie Lousie Guadalupe Concepcion, do solemny swear to not silhouette anymore pictures!!!

I do love that the layouts have numerous pictures on them. And of course it tugged at my heartstrings to remember ALL of our kids as little ones. I have one turning 14 tomorrow!!!

breathe in
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