Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Precious Molly

so pretty, so happy
sitting up with some help
trying to sit up...not yet, kid!
Molly is getting so big...This is probably the last time she will get to wear this outfit, not that it's too small but hopefully because it will start to get chilly. Not this week though...supposed to be above average temps...have I mentioned just how over summer and heat that I am?? I know that seems complainy but I am so hot all the time. Can't believe that it is autumn!! Where is my chill??

Anyway, back to my chubby baby...she makes the cutest sounds, squeals and coos. I love this stage of childhood...she is so bright and cheerful in the morning or upon waking. (wish we could always stay so cute in the morning). She is 13 pounds + but has the littlest feet...she is just such a joy to everyone of us. I think I'm enjoying this last baby so much more also because she IS my last and I'm just a bit older now and maybe not as freaked out. dunno. (I definitely think I'm more uptight now than I used to be on a lot of things but that is for another post/day)
All righty then...I'm outta here...gotta go feed the crew now...

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