Thursday, September 13, 2007

Creation Museum!! Incredible!

stooges...look, Molly wants another tan! sheesh.
Levi, uncooperative, as always!! :)
Mel, David and Martin!!
We took this for you, Charmaine!
Melanie (with over-exposed face) with Adam and Eve...
David acting scared (and rather dorky) for the camera.
We had the pleasure of making a trip down to KY to visit the brand new Creation Museum today, by the Answers in Genesis folks...AMAZING! And a gospel message presented that is bold and courageous! They are not ashamed to proclaim Christ and that is refreshing and encouraging! It was so nice to be there, among fellow believers. It is also a very professional establishment...nothing sheeny about that operation! We were impressed. It is hard to get the pictures to convey what the experience is actually like. Let me recommend that if you are curious about the place or where you may stand on evolution vs. creation, etc., that you take a trip to Petersburg, KY. Thank you, David, Tom, for making the trip possible. We had a blast.

Anyways, I have put a few highlights on my faithful blog and hope you can get a glimpse of what it was like. Levi was not fun there because we couldn't officially carry the Dora potty into the place...and so poor David took the turkey boy to the bathroom 5 times at least, at the risk of Levi getting a bladder infection...and he, I gotta hand it to the kid, persisted, stubborn kid. He has good resolve. David finally broke down and walked him all the way back out to the van to use good ol' Dora. Molly was really good, sleeping a lot and allowing me to nurse her in the planetarium (kinda), and in the different presentations we saw...there was a lot to read and take in, and there were lots of people there so it was hard to get it all today. My brother Tom came along (thank you for everything Tom...) and it was nice to have him with us! He always kinda manages to steer himself out of the pictures but I did get some. The older kids were wonderful...I will need to put the pic on here of Molly in the T. Rex mouth...cheesy but memorable. ooooooooo I'll be back.

O yeah, the Noah's ark re-enactment was innnnnnnnnnccccccccccrrrrrrrreeeeeeeedddddddddible, to say the least. They had all these different diorama's of the building, the floating (with little rocks sticking up out of the flood waters with people clinging to it etc...I will post those later for cool), the landing, just amazing. I can't do it justice here and there is stuff I'm missing. The Adam and Eve displays were really cool also...the serpent was just as I imagined him to be!

I think I could keep going but have so much to do, and Molly is I will be back on here tomorrow or Sat. maybe. Hope this finds all of you doing well..sorry for the here and there post...I'm so exhausted! coffee can't even touch this tired and I tried! G'night y'all. love and peace.

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Smooches, Kara said...

Computer is fixed!! Longest 2 days of my life! :)

I had to leave a comment about Levi!!! Josie can be that painfully stubborn. You teeter between wanting to strangle them or being extremely impressed with their determination!!

Gotta love them :)