Monday, September 24, 2007

A few more scrap pages, Levi cutie

Looking back, my scrapping was so scrappy...not that it's
much better now but I've grown.

Thought I would post my page also. o to be young again. dig the '90's hair
Couldn't resist putting this up as well, since Levi's page is way old
Hi there!! Hi Mom and Dad...sorry it has taken me so long to blog again...(I have heard about this more than once since my last and dad check it every morning before he leaves for work...pray there is no GM strike) Here I am!! On today's posting, you will find Levi's scrap page as well as mine. These pages were made well over four years ago and it's funny to me, looking at the stuff I scrap now, how I've changed. my style is still bohemian though.

This pic of Levi at the bottom is one of my all time favorites of him. This is his preschool pic from last year. He is so unimpressed! I could just snatch him up and chew on his fuzzy little ears. Check out the honkin' big eyes. He comes by them honestly, though neither his father or I have particularly large eyes...others in our family do!! (Hello Mom, Beck, Natalie, Melanie...etc.) Gotta love those peepers!! A funny Levi story, so I don't forget it...we say delicious around here often (I guess) but he has picked up his own version "Delishlish"...he will say that when he is enjoying his food and it really is all of us say it too. so if you hear us say it, you will know what we mean. Tiny is talking so well. sometimes it amazes me the things he comes up with.

Today is supposed to be a record high heat day even though it will be the first full day of autumn. isn't that nuts? 91 degrees. I've gotta get outta this place. I need some cooler air. Also on tap for today, I hope to take the kids "school" pics. So if I do...I will post them. yeah. sure. I guess I should go. I set the kids' alarm and heard it go off about 20 minutes ago and no kids are moving around down there...have a super de dooper day y'all!!


Jeff and Heather said...

Laurie...your children are all gorgeous - and they get it honest! Tell me they don't grow up that fast, though...please?...lie to me if you have to... I can't believe the pics of Will...and he's almost 13 now!! How could it happen?!
You've inspired me to tackle my scrapping, now. We'll see how that pans out...I'll keep you tuned in.

Smooches, Kara said...

Many o' bottle of Aqua Net sacrificed to make us look fabulous back in the early 90's!! Who needs an ozone layer when you got rockin' school pictures! By the way I have the exact same pictures. Those photographers had to use a wide lense for my 'do!!

I love Levi's lips in that school shot. Kissable for sure!!