Monday, September 24, 2007

Rootin' around and found these old pix...

awwwwww....if only...July 1998
fall 1998
summer 1973...34 years, I'm old!!
I was digging thru some pix tonight...on a mission to find a picture of Melanie in the same outfit that I had on Molly the other day, and I found these blasts from the past...I love Will and E's faces...they are priceless! Also, I can't believe how much Molly and Melanie look's eerie. They even have the same mannerisms...Molly is as girly girl already, as Mel was!!

The other baby, obviously, is me...this pic is from the summer of '73...and I love that my daughter's have some of the same features. my kids resemble me. a little. I'll hafta find my 7th grade pic...strangely, it reminds me of Will for some reason...though he isn't wearing a pink shirt or a beaded necklace much these days...I think it's the eyes...I'll have to find it...
I didn't get the school pix taken today, and for a good reason....David called me and ended up coming home at 1 today. He did to our downstairs floor what he does every day in professional places...a process called vitrification. I will have to post some of the pix on looks and feels so nice, shiny and clean!! So hopefully we can take the school pix tomorrow.
On that note, hope all is well with all of and peace.
Pray for my dad is on strike (he is in autoworker)...he even gets to go picket...isn't that cool?? Now that would be a blog entry...can I go with you, Dad? G'night!!
disclaimer: this entry is really rambly...sorry about that. I got up at 5:30 this morning...

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