Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mother of the Year!!

Someone ate too much dessert...
She is two months old today!!

Melanie loves to lay on her...hee hee.
Check out her left side...niiiiiiiiiiiice!!
I even had her baby sunblock in my diaper

The "People traps"...quite a drop!

Look, we've got a person now.....

And the award goes to.........drumroll...........

Laurie Young. Yeah, not so much. Molly got a sweet little bit of sun on her soft, chubby little face and arm yesterday. The kids had their first soccer games yesterday. A rather muggy (no, nasty muggy day here in swampland Indiana) and very overcast. I know one can get sun in hazy, overcast weather..but she really was not out of her stroller much...but when I did have her out, say 20-30 minutes or so, she was fast asleep, sweating on herself and on me (she inherited my thermostat...HOT all the time and I don't mean in the looks department)...I tried to keep her cool, out of the haze but last night, about 9 p.m. or so, I started to notice a nice little "tan" coming through!! Two months old and a sun goddess already (she inherited THAT from her Aunt Becky) enjoy these cute little pix of Miss Chubinski!

This lovely brown/pink polka dot dress is a gift from Molly's cousin Dawnie and cousins Laynee and Taylor...Just so ya know, girls, I have not forgotten to send you congrats on Taylor's arrival...I have an adorable outfit for her and an even cuter card...and will get that out to her this week (or so, you know how that goes)...don't want you to think that I have forgotten you.

I have some cool pix of our footers being poured for our porch renovation...I will post those later, they are somehow just not as cute as these pix of MCY...and I'll post them for one or two of those relatives out there in cyberspace that may be remotely interested in seeing that process. Yehaa...I call them the people traps...they make our upper porch seem rather death trap-like and Levi and David have fallen into them..The pic I've posted just shows David preparing for the concrete guy. I don't think you can tell just how precarious it makes our's very scary to carry a baby seat up...yikes!

Sorry for the rambly entry...think I need a Sunday afternoon nap. Peace out!


Smooches, Kara said...

2 months old!?!?!?! When in the world did that happen?

Being that you were there each day of it I am sure you might now ;)

I didn't even have to read to know she got a wee bit to much sun. Happens fast doesn't it!?!? Poor baby! Cousin Kara sends aloe vera vibes her way!!

brittany said...

Oh, Laurie. I LOVE her chunkalitiousness! Her dress is simply adorable. The sun burn is no fun, but if that's the worst thing that ever happens, she'll live a great life.