Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Friday stuff...

Mischievous Miss P
Non-chalant Miss Nora

"Big Mol" aka Molly Moo...the 13 lb. girl
Hangin' in their baby seats...
one of Levi's "school pictures"

Hi there, it's Friday. A lovely one at that, and I'm stuck in the house. not really but I'm trying to get a bazillion things done for the day. My kids are working on their school nicely and helping me with the cleaning in between. it is also supposed to be "picture day"...and all I've gotten done so far is Levi. I guess that is somewhat of an accomplishment! for a loser. (me) The picture of Molly and Nora in their seats was taken this past Wednesday, when B. and I went to get our hair "did". Will was with us and watched them for us in the times when Beck or I were getting fixed up...the girls will love these pix someday, don't ya think? I surely hope so. I think it's so funny that we have babies together...whatta special event in our lives!! glad we get to share this, B.

Tonight, my kids, my sis, her baby and I are going to our former church (it's currently her church, my former church I guess) to see Ken Ham. He is the guy that started the Creation Museum that we visited 2 weeks ago. It is always good to hear him speak...

Really a pretty uneventful day...there are so many things I could blog about, like our new porch, the tattooed dude that is doing the block/brickwork on it, our swampy pool, my 13 pound baby girl and stuff like that but instead, I will just post a few pix for ya. Hope this finds you all having a wonderful Friday and a positive outlook on your weekend. Peace out!!

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