Thursday, September 13, 2007

A bit more...

The mother of pain in childbirth, Eve herself!!
The people that didn't get on the ark, wishing they had...
the detail is better in person but it was so intricate!

The full view!
My poor baby...she really didn't mind!
Levi's adorable smile, everyone looking and me looking preggers.
I couldn't resist putting a few more pix on here...I really enjoy the one of Molly being eaten by the T. Rex. not because I want something bad to happen to my child, no, but because it's just so cheesy, predictable and corny...pure corn. the pic of the rock with little people on it is one that I described in the previous entry...the diorama with Noah's ark. You've gotta visit the Creation museum. It will renew your faith in something bigger and more powerful than you could ever imagine (God, the Lord, Jesus Christ) and the vastness of His creation, how perfect and amazing it all is...I haven't even hit on the planetarium film we saw on the Cosmos and our galaxy etc. overwhelmingly cool! This stuff did not just "bang", explode into existence. something from nothing. hmmm. ok, I'm really done preaching...for now.

Ok, well, off to bed...just wanted to share a a few more of my not so clear pix...


brittany said...

It IS really awesome, isn't it?!? We really enjoyed it. I've encouraged everyone I can think of, to go. My fav was the planetarium and the ark stuff as well. It's completely a "must do!". Glad you had fun too!

Smooches, Kara said...

So is that your Christmas card picture? The one with the T Rex.

I am here at my neighbors leaving you love!! Fingers crossed that the computer is a easy fix!!

Love you guys!!!