Thursday, September 6, 2007

A weekend getaway

This past weekend, Labor Day weekend to be exact, my family of 7 and I made another trip up to Lafayette, IN. We stayed in the Hilton Garden Inn again (as we did for Memorial Day weekend, see May posts...I know you can't wait)...but this time, we went along with David's family. Not all of the siblings were present but they were with us in "spirt"...Hi Matt, Hi Aaron. And wouldn't ya know it...but I failed to get my camera out when David's younger sis Natalie and her boyfriend Nick were actually with us but you can refer back to July post where David's parents and sisters came to visit our new Molly...and there you will see Nick and Nat. Hi Nick and Nat...I know you probably don't see this cheesy blog but you are not forgotten. You are such a cute couple! The first two pics are of a scene outside of Starbucks...ahhhhh coffee and nice, breezy weather...what could honestly be better??? David's parents, Carl and Judy, were with us, as well as David's sister Angela, his brother Nathan, and sis Emilie. We had a nice visit, ate some granola bars and fruit and chugged our own special Starbucks drinks. We also recited some Bible verses that our family has been memorizing so that was cool! The third pic is one that Ethan took, so that there would be proof that I was in attendance...not so flattering but have you seen me lately?? yah, exactly. need some work. The Mollster is in my sling...she loves it gobs.
We had a nice holiday weekend...although it seems like I mostly just nursed Molly but she is so very worth it!! love that chubbalubba girl.
The bottom picture is one that was taken in Jan. of 2006 by our lovely cousin Kara (Hi Kara ya sugar)...just wanted to post this because it is so funny to me for many reasons but the best one is that it's been almost ONE YEAR since David my love has worn his glasses. I don't think I could get used to him in them again...I love his piercing blue squinty eyes!! I am blessed to have this awesome, particular, warm man in my life.
We have a busy weekend ahead of us, first soccer games of the fall so I know you are chomping at the bit to see what's in store with my little Kodak camera...I will get back on here on Sunday most likely. Until then, hope you all are well and healthy. Lots of love, sending out to those we care for!!


momma of 3 said...

That's an awesome pic of you and Dave!

You look great! Naters wasn't a big fan of the sling by the time he was Mol's age, but he LOVED the bjorn I had. So did I. Hands free was wonderful!


Smooches, Kara said...


'family of 7' wow not to many get to say that these days!!! Only the lucky ones of course ;)

I am so glad you got to enjoy a weekend out of the chaos called 'normal life' :) And of course you got to enjoy Starbucks!! That always makes for a good weekend!!!