Friday, July 6, 2007

Levi and baby bedding

Love that boy's profile!
Just laying there, wetting my bed...but so cute!
Clothesline bedding for the baby

*Pacing and nesting, scrapping, and cleaning...I'm trying to do it all. It's kinda this the night? I pray so but my hopes are beginning to fade.
**I took a nap at about 8 p.m. and little Levi came in to lay with me. He fell asleep and has been asleep since then...(it's 12:51 a.m.). He looked cuter in person all snore-y and sleepy but these pix don't show that I forgot to put his pull-up on him and he soaked my bed...niiiiiiiice. My sheets will be nice and clean. Poor dude even missed our once in a blue moon, rare treat of Donato's mm good.
***The last picture is of Molly's new that not the cutest quilt you've seen?? Makes ya hope that the ultrasound is correct, that it's a girl and that the baby is actually going to show up this week or next...yeah, I got all of that from that bedding picture. It's called clothesline. Thank you, Granmma and Grampa Greenie. We love the bedding and can't wait to lay her tiny bum down on it.
****Ok, well, on that note, enjoy these cheesy pix...and I will be back real, real soon. Peace out, sistas and bruthas.


Anonymous said...

Very cute bedding! I should've waited and done pink and then blue. Oh well. Mine was serviceable. It was cute, but looking back, I wish I'd done it in gender colors. Oh well. I'll be checking back here today as I can.


Smooches, Kara said...

I keep meaning to ask you were the big L is sleeping now! Does he have his own room?

Love the sleeping angels! So peaceful and precious.